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KIRE has teamed up with Belsize' resident, local historian, and acclaimed writer and photographer David S. Percy to produce an iconic book to capture historic, architectural and anthropological factors of  Remarkable Homes of NW3. 

Remarkable Homes of NW3 Book

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  • Step into the world of extraordinary homes in the historic NW3 area of London with David S Percy as your guide. Extending from picturesque Primrose Hill to the Whitestone Pond, this enthralling journey takes you through a landscape imbued with a wonderfully rich social and architectural heritage.
    • Remarkable homes in Hampstead, Belsize Park
    and Primrose Hill
    • Local NW3 history
    • Architectural and social history
    • Interior design
    • Owners’ stories
    • Outstanding, beautiful properties

    “David S Percy’s beautiful book brings out the remarkable variety of architecture from magnificent mansions to charming cottages, built in so many different styles over the last 300 years or so, that make every Hampstead street so intriguing. He looks at who built them, how they have fared over time, and talks to present owners about how they care for them. A must have.”

    – Helen Lawrence, former Chair, The Heath & Hampstead Society
    ‘“At the heart of this fascinating book are David’s stunning photographs. They show us NW3 at its most beautiful. David introduces us not only to the houses, but the streets and neighbourhoods where they are located. We find out about the country estates that predated the housing, and why and when they were developed. And we see how they looked in previous centuries through a wonderful array of engravings, paintings and old photographs.

    – Averil Nottage, former Chair, Belsize Residents’ Association,
    now The Belsize Society

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