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Illustrated Historical Book, Foreword by Tom Conti

Step into the world of extraordinary homes in the historic NW3 area of London with David S Percy as your guide.  Extending from picturesque Primrose Hill to the Whitestone Pond, this enthralling journey takes you through a landscape imbued with a wonderfully rich social and architectural heritage.

Join the author as he explores the secrets of these architectural jewels, revealing their fascinating stories. Delving into the history of each house, he discovers whether they were designed by renowned architects, and if famous figures once called them home. Talking to the proud owners, he unveils the sagas behind their efforts to restore and maintain these outstanding properties.

The author’s lens offers a unique opportunity to experience these lovely houses. His interior and exterior photographs of grand hallways, cosy nooks, gardens and terraces large and small, reflect the multitude of personal styles that have brought these homes seamlessly into the 21st century. Lavishly illustrated throughout with captivating photography, these remarkable homes are a source of inspiration to all homemakers, wherever they may live.


“At the heart of this fascinating book are David’s stunning photographs.  They show us NW3 at its most beautiful.  And as David guides us systematically around the area, he introduces us not only to the houses, but the streets and neighbourhoods where they are located.  We find out about the country estates that predated the housing, and why and when they were developed.  And we see how they looked in previous centuries through a wonderful array of engravings, paintings and old photographs.  And if you want to lift your spirits on a damp grey day, the bright sunshine and clear blue skies in David’s photos will surely provide the perfect tonic!” 

– Averil Nottage, former Chair, Belsize Residents' Association,
now The Belsize Society

“David S Percy’s beautiful book brings out the remarkable variety of architecture from magnificent mansions to charming cottages, built in so many different styles over the last 300 years or so, that make every Hampstead street so intriguing. He looks at who built them, how they have fared over time, and talks to present owners about how they care for them. Wonderfully illustrated, with interiors and gardens, this book is a ‘must-have’; a most welcome contribution to Hampstead history which will give hours of pleasure to anyone who, like me, loves looking at and reading about interesting houses.”

– Helen Lawrence, former Chair, The Heath & Hampstead Society

“What a splendid, classy and fascinating publication this is. It is of great contemporary interest but, in time, it will become an important historical document about Hampstead and its buildings. My sincere congratulations.”

- Marc Hutchinson, Chair, Heath & Hampstead Society

"What a delight. A timeless classic that every NW3 resident will want to own.” 
– Nicola Manasseh, Editor In the Square magazine

KIRE proudly stands as the sponsor and publisher of this captivating book.

At KIRE, our aim is to bring our neighbours together and what better way than to honour the exceptional residences nestled within NW3 (encompassing Belsize Park, Hampstead, and portions of Primrose Hill), each boasting captivating designs, rich histories, and owners who contribute to the dynamic local community.

To bring this vision to life, KIRE has collaborated with David S. Percy, a revered resident of Belsize, local historian, and acclaimed writer and photographer. Together, we've embarked on an endeavor to craft an iconic book that delves into the historical, architectural, and anthropological dimensions of the remarkable homes within the NW3 postcode. The full-color hardcover volume showcases exquisite exterior photographs of the featured properties, accompanied by glimpses of their surroundings and interiors. 

This project commenced in 2021 and will culminate in a grand unveiling on April 24th, 2024, at an exclusive invite-only event. 

About the Author, David S. Percy


“As a photographer and filmmaker I’m glad to be able to contribute to the Belsize and Hampstead community – a beautiful part of London that I love.” 

About the Author:


A long-time resident of Belsize Park, David S. Percy is an award-winning cinematographer, NW3 specialist historian, architectural photographer, director, and graphic designer. Over the past 30 years Percy has authored and co-authored many articles and books, including several recognized films and books about Belsize and Hampstead. Full Bio

Belsize & Hampstead experience:

In 1975 David was commissioned to photograph Hampstead Garden Suburb, a documentary film (for European Architectural Heritage Year) detailing the suburb's architecture and history, narrated by Sir Donald Sinden. David later directed and produced The Belsize Story  (2012) narrated by Belsize resident Fiona Bruce, an in-depth, feature-length documentary film of the history, architecture and people of Belsize Park.


In 2017 he co-compiled and published Belsize Remembered, fully illustrated with many of his photographs. In 2020 he wrote and published The Harlots of Haverstock Hill a compelling, fully-illustrated account of the remarkable life of ‘Moll' King, one of the first settlers on the road to Hampstead in the mid-18th century.


David grew up in Belsize Park in the 1940s and takes a particular interest in the history, people and architecture of Belsize and the wider Hampstead community, and is an active member of local groups such as the Belsize Village Association and The Belsize Society.


David has decided to work with KIRE on the book because he is delighted to help showcase many of the varied buildings in Belsize and Hampstead.

“I am thrilled to work with KIRE because of their knowledge of NW3 property and their passion for the area." 

For an in-depth view of his experience and accolades, please see the links below.

David S. Percy - LinkedIn


To see some of David Percy's work and to get inspired about being a part of the next round of documenting the history of the area, see below.


Belsize Story Volume 1

Belsize Story Volume 2

The Story of Moll King’s Belsize Houses

Hampstead Garden Suburb 

Book launch event at The Reform Club

The Remarkable Homes of NW3 book launch, held at The Reform Club on April 24th, was an unforgettable affair, drawing over 200 guests. The event was a testament to the strong community fostered by the book, uniting participants and esteemed figures including representatives from local organizations like The Heath and Hampstead Society, The Belsize Society, and the Belsize Conservation Area Advisory Committee (BCAAC). A highlight was the presentation of a prize to the author, David S. Percy, acknowledging his remarkable contributions to Belsize Park and Hampstead. Notable attendees included book contributors, celebrities, and prominent figures from the local arts, architecture, and design and photography scenes.

(Click on the main image to see full-size photos)

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Purchase your copy of "Remarkable Homes of NW3" book below, or pick up your copy at Daunt's or on Amazon.

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