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Glenmore Road, NW3

3 Glenmore Road, London NW3 4BY, UK



Property Description

Great layouts lead to great lives. As a parent, I know that seeing my children play (or fight) while I cook and do other activities in the main living space brings great peace of mind and family connection, rather than wondering what trouble they are causing elsewhere.

This superb Glenmore Road layout has arguably the best design of all the houses I have seen along this road. The central position of the kitchen on the ground floor allows you to easily engage with guests or family while enjoying the sun-filled reception and dining areas leading onto the southeast-facing garden.

This home has generous (and numerous) bedrooms with high ceilings and beautifully appointed bathrooms. It is at the best end of Glenmore Road, next to the extensive amenities of Haverstock Hill and moments from Belsize Park Station and The Globe Tennis Club. It is also set at an oblique angle from the houses opposite, giving it an increased sense of space and privacy compared to others on the street.

Property Details

Property Type

Family Home






2680 sqft

Contact Agent

Michael McHale

+44 20 8064 2160

Property Location

3 Glenmore Road, London NW3 4BY, UK

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