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Illustrated Historical Book

 Remarkable Homes of NW3 

At KIRE we want to celebrate the outstanding homes of NW3 (Belsize Park, Hampstead and parts of Primrose Hill) which have beautiful designs, interesting stories and history, and importantly those which enable more fulfilled lifestyles for their owners based on their unique characteristics. 


To make this a reality, KIRE has teamed up with Belsize' resident, historian, and acclaimed writer and photographer David S. Percy to produce an iconic book to capture historic, architectural and anthropological factors of 100 remarkable homes located in the NW3 postcode in 2022.

The full colour hard back book will contain architectural quality exterior photographs of the featured properties, and include images of the surroundings plus interiors where possible and where appropriate.​

The final text will include history of the selected buildings, details on the previous and/or current occupants (if desired), and the architect or builder (if known). Where possible, we will seek to include relevant comments from the present owners. 

Add your home to the annals of time, as one of the most remarkable of 28,000+ homes in NW3 based on historical and architectural merit by nominating a home below

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About the Author, David S. Percy


“As a photographer and filmmaker I’m glad to be able to contribute to the Belsize and Hampstead community – a beautiful part of London that I love.” 


KIRE has teamed up with Belsize “Local Legend” and resident David S. Percy, FRSA, ARPS who will author the text and photograph the selected buildings to produce the forthcoming book "The 100 Most Remarkable Homes of NW3".

About the Author:


A long-time resident of Belsize Park, David S. Percy is an award-winning cinematographer, NW3 specialist historian, architectural photographer, director, and graphic designer. Over the past 30 years Percy has authored and co-authored many articles and books, including several recognized films and books about Belsize and Hampstead. Full Bio

Belsize & Hampstead experience:

In 1975 David was commissioned to photograph Hampstead Garden Suburb, a documentary film (for European Architectural Heritage Year) detailing the suburb's architecture and history, narrated by Sir Donald Sinden. David later directed and produced The Belsize Story  (2012) narrated by Belsize resident Fiona Bruce, an in-depth, feature-length documentary film of the history, architecture and people of Belsize Park.


In 2017 he co-compiled and published Belsize Remembered, fully illustrated with many of his photographs. In 2020 he wrote and published The Harlots of Haverstock Hill a compelling, fully-illustrated account of the remarkable life of ‘Moll' King, one of the first settlers on the road to Hampstead in the mid-18th century.


David grew up in Belsize Park in the 1940s and takes a particular interest in the history, people and architecture of Belsize and the wider Hampstead community, and is an active member of local groups such as the Belsize Village Association and The Belsize Society.


David has decided to work with KIRE on the book because he is delighted to help showcase many of the varied buildings in Belsize and Hampstead.

“I am thrilled to work with KIRE because of their knowledge of NW3 property and their passion for the area." 

For an in-depth view of his experience and accolades, please see the links below.

David S. Percy - LinkedIn


To see some of David Percy's work and to get inspired about being a part of the next round of documenting the history of the area, see below.


Belsize Story Volume 1

Belsize Story Volume 2

The Story of Moll King’s Belsize Houses

Hampstead Garden Suburb 

Beautiful House

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 Nominate your favourite Hampstead property before April 20th 2024 and enter the prize draw for one of 20 hardcover books that will be given away once published in 2023. 

Nominations now closed

How will the homes be picked?

We aim to create an interesting book that captures the heart and soul of what properties are like in NW3 that includes a variety of styles, values and stories/history. Ultimately, we will select houses based on their outstanding characteristics in any or all of these three main areas:

  • History (including recent)

  • Unique architecture or design features (ranging from classical to modern)

  • Location and ability to facilitate fulfilled and fun lifestyles

Modern Architecture
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